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The enclosed is truly ArtieKaplanMusic. ArtieKaplanMusic runs the gamut from be-bop to country to bossa nova but it's really best defined simply as All-American music, written, produced, and performed by Artie Kaplan himself. 

Artie’s music is the culmination of a lifetime of being in the record business, having played a pivotal musical role in the success of more than 150 Top Ten recordings over the past five decades.
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His saxophone can be heard on #1 songs by artists from Carol King to Connie Francis to Neil Sedaka to Janis Ian to Van Morrison to Neil Diamond to Barry Manilow and countless others. His unmistakable style made him one of the most in-demand session players of his time.

They are the kind of songs and delivery that, if youíve ever been in love, or ever had your heart broken, or felt the sheer joy of life, youíll know how it feels. Itís a sit back and enjoy album.  This album is a treat. More >>>
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This vintage 1973 album by Artie Kaplan has not seen the light of day in the USA in many a year. It’s European life has been much more fruitful. “Harmony” worked it’s way to becoming a huge hit for Kaplan in Italy, France, Germany and Spain, while “Bensonhurst Blues” as well being a hit for Kaplan, has been discovered by Dutch recording artist Oscar Benton (EMI Records) to become a great success all over the continent as well as the title song in the hit movie “Whirlpool” directed by Alan Delon. 

While the subject matter of the “Confessions” piece was considered a bit risqué for the nineteen seventies, Kaplan’s gravel voiced message has withstood the test of time. This eleven minute jazz / fusion / rock & roll depiction of a misguided American male character will surely remind you of someone that you have known in this era of Women’s Liberation.

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Of the remaining sides in this all-star musician’s album, we think that each and every one is simply delightful.

Get yourself a copy…you won’t be disappointed.

Artie Kaplan

Children's Music


Fun Time for Kids

Artie Kaplan is a robust, friendly and fun loving guy.
He is the kind of person that every little boy and girl would like to have as a real or imaginary friend.
His songs and stories about real or imagined happenings leave children spellbound and delighted. More >>>


Barnyard Stories And Poems

Sometimes with a lesson learned, and sometimes, "just for the fun of it." There is always an underlying message that subtly imparts important universal values regarding children's relationships with other people and the world in which they live. More >>>


Read to your children!

Barnyard Stories And Poems, a Story Book/Coloring Book for Pre-School & Elementary Grade Children 3 to 7 years old.
Some of the entertaining stories you will find in our book include:
Buzzy Duck's Wonderful Discovery:
About understanding the importance of independence and responsibility.

Charlie Chicken's Great Adventure:
About acting on your emotions and then realizing what is really important.



Artie Kaplan Presents... The Robot Society Dixieland Swing Band
If ever there was a well-oiled swing band in the USA. “The Robot Society Dixieland Swing Band is it. All of its members are products of a now famous musical/industrial family; and all took private lessons on their respective instruments from the best technicians that America had to offer in the 1980’s.

Most of the personnel on this CD are former students at the Proteus School in Los Angeles, California and got their experience squeaking and squawking on many a midi jam session held from coast to coast and throughout Europe by some of the worlds greatest modern composers and arrangers of film and recordings.

Spiritual Music
John Buccheri is a mild mannered guy with an extraordinary voice that has touched the hearts of everyone who has ever listened to his music.

Father of four and happily married to his childhood sweetheart, John decided to pursue a career in New York’s financial industry where he has risen to the position of Vice President of a large brokerage firm. On weekends however, John and his band “Passion” play the circuit from nightclubs and weddings to corporate events and church socials, always choosing the best program to entertain his audience and always leaving them moved by his performance.




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