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Fun Time for Kids

Artie Kaplan is a robust, friendly and fun loving guy.
He is the kind of person that every little boy and girl would like to have as a real or imaginary friend.
His songs and stories about real or imagined happenings leave children spellbound and delighted. More >>>



Barnyard Stories And Poems

Sometimes with a lesson learned, and sometimes, "just for the fun of it." There is always an underlying message that subtly imparts important universal values regarding children's relationships with other people and the world in which they live. More >>>


Read to your children!

Barnyard Stories And Poems, a Story Book/Coloring Book for Pre-School & Elementary Grade Children 3 to 7 years old.
Some of the entertaining stories you will find in our book include:
Buzzy Duck's Wonderful Discovery:
About understanding the importance of independence and responsibility.
Charlie Chicken's Great Adventure:
About acting on your emotions and then realizing what is really important.


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